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  • The TxEEE MS in Mechanical Engineering program allowed me the flexibility to complete my Master’s degree in two years while continuing to work full time and advance my career. The program curriculum was very well balanced and covered a wide variety of topics in mechanical engineering that have already been beneficial to my work as a pipeline engineer. Overall, I’m very happy with the program and I’m grateful for the opportunity to complete my Masters at UT Austin. Hook ‘em!
    Elizabeth Bowlin, Mechanical Engineering Graduate, 2017
  • (The program) is the best way currently for a working professional to keep their job and not have to pause life to resume learning. (Courses) had a direct impact to my skillset and translated to tangible results at work, which I think is excellent.
    Kareem El-Sadi, Mechanical Engineering Graduate, 2017
  • I can further my career, moving up to be a department head or director role and continue my education to further learn and grow.
    Kenneth Heisner, Current Engineering Management student, 2017
  • I am a full-time employee, father of 5, and the only income feeding a family of seven. If I can complete the program, anyone can. Virtually each and every class I undertook, I frequently found areas of my workplace that could be improved with my newly found skills.
    Robert Nadon, Software Engineering Analyst @ Dell Inc.
  • I used what I learned to reduce my overall costs by 48% in FY '2010. In this world of highly competitive, highly trained engineers, you need something to help you gain a competitive advantage in the job market. UT's Master’s in Engineering Management is such an advantage.
    Michael Lambert, Head of Engineering Training @ Applied Materials
  • After 10 years in Project Management and completing the Engineering Management program I became a VP for Fox Mechanical in 2004, a division of Fox Service Company, then in 2006 I accepted a position as President of Truform Metalservice, Inc. I feel that my education has helped me grow professionally even while the construction industry is suffering 20+% declines.
    Doug Blount, President @ Truform Metalservice, Inc.
  • The UT Software Engineering Master's Program provides an excellent learning experience for software developers to better manage software projects and products end-to-end. The knowledge is directly applicable to IBM employees who strive to be technical leads, software development managers, project managers or product managers.
    Jeri Lynne Hilsabeck, Director Power Systems Software @ IBM