How TxEEE Brings Cockrell School Methane Emissions Research to the World

September 8, 2023

At TxEEE, we have an important role in bringing research to life – helping to translate it from the lab environment into working solutions that industry can disseminate.

The Energy Emissions Modeling and Data Lab (EEMDL) is a good example of how a cutting-edge research center at The University of Texas at Austin Cockrell School of Engineering is sharing its knowledge with companies and public agencies while ensuring proper training results from disseminating scientific advancements.

TxEEE is proud to support EEMDL’s mission to address the growing need for accurate and timely accounting of greenhouse gas emissions across global oil and natural gas supply chains. Why does this matter? Because methane is both a powerful greenhouse gas and short-lived, compared to carbon dioxide. Achieving significant reductions would have a rapid and dramatic effect on atmospheric warming potential.*


“As the continuing education and professional development arm of the Cockrell School, some of TxEEE’s most important work is to support the university’s research mission by serving as a conduit to help translate the research into industry practices,” said Woodrow W. Winchester, III, executive director of TxEEE. “With TxEEE supporting the training mission of EEMDL, the research team has more bandwidth to focus on their research productivity.”

Timely collection of greenhouse gas data will help public and private institutions develop climate strategies and actions to reduce emissions. TxEEE serves EEMDL by administering periodic short courses and providing conference services. In early 2023, TxEEE hosted the inaugural training course, Methane Emissions in the Natural Gas Supply Chain, attended by professionals working for energy companies, public agencies and non-profit organizations.

EEMDL scientists’ research on methane measurement reached a critical moment in 2022 with the passage of the U.S. Inflation Reduction Act. That legislation includes more than $1 billion in funds for financial and technical assistance to aid the reduction of methane emissions from the petroleum and natural gas sectors. EEMDL is helping oil and gas companies understand and comply with the measurement and reporting requirements enacted by the legislation.

Upcoming EEMDL programming open to the public:

  • Energy Emissions Modeling and Data Lab 2023 Annual Event (Oct. 11-12, 2023)

This two-day conference includes a variety of panel discussions, an optional workshop, and valuable networking opportunities. Limited in-person registration is still open. Online registration is available as well. Registration details.

  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting Measurement and Reporting in the Oil and Gas Industry (Jan. 8-12, 2024, 10 a.m.-12 p.m. via Zoom). Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

*Source: Environmental Protection Agency 


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