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Alumni Referral Rewards

 YOU can automatically be entered into our quarterly referral reward by: attending an info session, making a referral to the program, or making a testimonial for your program. Thank you for your support!

You can help by representing your program at an ONLINE INFO SESSION, typically from 12:15 to 1:00pm, from the comfort of your desk! Please contact to sign up.

Special thanks to the following for helping us promote the Engineering Master's degree programs:

Vedhapriya Raman (SWE) - supported the program by agreeing to share her experience in the program with a prospective student who requested to be put in touch with a current student.

Craig Herdman (ENM) - referred a colleague to the SWE program.

Michael Croft (SWE) - supported program marketing by sending us the link for "10 Secrets You Should Have Learned with Your Software Engineering Degree - But Probably Didn't." BTW, Michael asserts that the UT Option III SWE program nailed these items!

Joe Forbes (SWE) - provided a program testimonial for marketing purposes.

Thomas Chiang (ENM), Kamil Cirak (ENM), Anchal Dube (ENM), and Yassin Mobarak (ENM) - provided a program video testimonial for marketing purposes.

Kewal Vyas (EMN) and Devin Morelli (ENM) - for speaking about the program with a prospective student.

Participants who provided a video testimonial video received lunch on CLEE or one of the following items: UT Longhorn Glass Tumblers, UT Longhorn Pint Tumblers or UT Longhorn tailgating chair.

Aug 2014

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Info Sessions

Did you know we are now holding information sessions online, as well as onsite? You can now help support your program from the comfort of your desk! Students and alumni from outside the Austin area are also invited to participate.

Sign up for one of our upcoming interactive online sessions:
> Sept 9 @ 12:15pm
> Oct 1 @ 5:15pm
> Nov 5 @ 12:15pm
> Dec 2 @ 12:15pm

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