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Alumni Referral Rewards

 The following students represented their program at a company info session and in addition to our thanks for helping support the programs and the warm glow they get from helping prospective students, are automatically entered in the quarterly drawing. YOU TOO can automatically be entered into our quarterly referral reward by: attending an info session, making a referral to the program, or making a testimonial for your program. Thank you for your support!

You now have TWO OPPORTUNITIES EACH MONTH to represent your program at an ONLINE INFO SESSION, either from 12:15 to 1:00pm or from 5:15 to 6:00, from the comfort of your desk! Please contact to sign up.

To thank you for participating, we hold a referral reward drawing each quarter.

Alumni and students who represented the program this quarter are:

October Ebay/Paypal Info Session:

  • Dacia Norton (SWE)
  • Michael Murff (ENM)

October Emerson Info Session:

  • Marco Moreno (ICS)

September 3M Info Session:

  • Joe Forbes (SWE)

September Samsung Info Session:

  • Nada Noor (SWE)

Program Referrals

  • Hua Zhong (SWE) referred an applicant to the SWE program.

Quarterly Winner

The winner of the referral reward drawing this quarter is......

Michael Murff!

Michael wins a fabulous PAIR of incredible UT insignia folding chairs!

Nov 2013

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Info Sessions

Did you know we are now holding information sessions online, as well as onsite? You can now help support your program from the comfort of your desk! Students and alumni from outside the Austin area are also invited to participate.

Sign up for one of our upcoming interactive online sessions:
> Nov 14 @ 12:15pm
> Dec 4 @ 12:15pm

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