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Alumni On the Move

Ryan Ugland (ICS) has moved to Apple, where he works in design verification.

Andrew Temple (SWE) joined startup called Variable Technologies ,working on the NODE platform - a wireless sensor platform that connects to smartphones. Andrew reports that the NODE is a cool gadget/system that lets a user buy the main NODE platform and then add-on sensor modules specific to their desired application (like people in the food business have bought the NODE + and infared thermometer module to measure food and cooking/food storage conditions, a group of hot-air balooners have bought NODE+climate sense in order to track hot airbaloon conditions and measure their own elevation, etc). NODE was sited at the CES (the Consumer Electronics Show); see more at: CNN as the coolest gizmo they saw. Andrew reports that right now he’s working on color physics here - trying to squeeze out the best accuracy possible for color matching, which is highly desired by paint manufacturers.

Francisco Tamayo (ENM) is now with Silicon Labs in Downtown, after almost 7 years at AMD (and other companies before that). Francisco is a Senior Applications Engineer, and works for the Timing Division doing characterization of ultra-low phase noise clock generators.

Mason Ward (ENM) - is now President at 6Fathoms Consulting, LLC.


Other News

Ryan Golden (SWE) won ‘Best Student Presentation’ at the April ID360 Conference. Way to go Ryan! The annual conference was held on campus at the ACES building; over 150 people attended.



Ryan Ugland (ICS) and family welcomed new baby Andrew Ryan Ugland, born Monday 2/11/13.

Marty Henderson (SWE) is pleased to announce the birth of his son Wyatt Henderson on April 23, 2013 at 12:10 am. Wyatt weighed 8 lbs, 1.5 oz and is a very happy baby.

Maytal Dahan (SWE) and family welcomed Baby Gabriel on 12/24/12. He was 8lbs and 3oz at birth. He certainly doesn’t look threatening, but Maytal reports that he is ‘ready to terrorize his two big sisters Lia and Zoe’.

Chris Simoes (SWE) and wife Katie welcomed baby Xavier on November 23rd.

Miles Whitten (ENM) and Lilly Teich are engaged and planning a November wedding overlooking Lake Travis.

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