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 Directors of the ENM and SWE programs were recently contacted by for interviews. The interview with Dr. Barber ran in April, and an interview with Dr. Nichols should be out around the 15th. Check out the interview!

Individual alumni in both programs were also interviewed, and those vignettes should begin appearing around mid-May.


News from Cockrell

Check out CNNMoney's article on top-paying positions in engineering: Click Here to Read More

 High-Tech Tattoos Redefine Health Care Solutions

Engineering mechanics assistant professor Nanshu Lu is one of the minds behind the bio-integrated electronic tattoo, an innovation that offers actual “Band-aid” solutions to bulky health devices. Full Story

 NI Alumni Pay it Forward to Support Student Projects

Longhorn alumni at National Instruments are bolstering the Cockrell School’s effort to build the Engineering Education and Research Center. Dr. Jim Truchard’s $10 million gift and the Longhorn-NI alumni campaign provide major support for hands-on project learning. Full Story

 Perfecting the Phenomena of Invisibility Cloaking

Cockrell School researchers made headlines for developing an ultrathin cloak that can hide three-dimensional objects from microwaves. Published in the New Journal of Physics, the study shows what can be done with microwaves presumably can be achieved with sound and light waves. Full Story

 UT Alum and Astronaut Prepares for Next Mission

Astronaut Karen Nyberg, a mechanical engineering alum, is gearing up for a six-month mission aboard the International Space Station. Nyberg talked to the Cockrell School about how she prepares for space travel and what influenced her to become a NASA flight engineer. Full Story

 Scientists Investigate Mysteries of Methane Hydrates

The Cockrell School’s Department of Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering has teamed up with the Jackson School of Geosciences to better understand the risks and rewards of methane hydrates as a potential source of natural gas. Full Story

 UTinSV Connects UT and Silicon Valley Innovators

The distance between Silicon Valley and The University of Texas at Austin seems closer than ever since the inaugural UTinSV event in Silicon Valley. Sponsored by the Cockrell School, UTinSV connects industry leadership in Silicon Valley with UT faculty and research expertise. Full Story


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