Engineering Management

Master's Projects

Engineering Management students complete two Engineering Management Projects (ENM 397P), one during each summer of the two year program. These two projects are typically on the same or related topics, and the second report builds on the first. Even though the two projects are typically on a related topic, each session of ENM 397P is a standalone course that requires research, a presentation and a written report, and each course receives a letter grade. The independent projects are carried out under the supervision of an engineering management faculty member.

Engineering Management students are required to be on-site during Projects Presentations. Students completing Project A are required to be on-site for four days during the summer semester and students completing Project B are required to be onsite for two days during the summer semester. During the fall and spring semesters, students who are completing their project are required to be on-site for presentations for one day.

Students who are not on the full-time track (Fast Track) are required to complete Project A before completing the last four courses of the program. If a student does not complete Project A at the appropriate time, they will have to take the course the following semester, in addition to their normal enrollment. If you have questions or concerns about this requirements, reach out to your Graduate Program Coordinator.

  • "I used what I learned in that class to reduce my overall costs by 48% in FY '2010. In this world of highly competitive, highly trained engineers, you need something to help you gain a competitive advantage in the job market. UT's Master’s in Engineering Management is such an advantage."
    Michael Lambert, Head of Engineering Training @ Applied Materials