Engineering Management


The University of Texas at Austin student honor code

Leave of Absence

Once a withdrawal request for the semester has been received by the program, a Leave of Absence form will be completed for the student. This form permits the student to return to The University within two long semesters. Additionally, the student will not have to submit the $65 application fee for readmission. Please note that the student must complete an Application for Readmission in order to be readmitted to UT and to resume courses.


Dropping an entire course load constitutes withdrawal from The University for that semester. However, to withdraw from the Engineering Master's Program the student must withdraw from the Graduate School. To withdraw from the Graduate School, the student must complete a form in the Office of Graduate Studies, in the Main Building, Room 101 OR fax a written, signed request. Detailed Instructions.

Dropped Courses & Withdrawals Financial Policies

A student may drop a course or withdraw through the last class day of a semester. Certain restrictions apply to students admitted with conditions and those on academic probation.

Student Accounting

For more information regarding student tuition billing, please contact student accounting at or (512) 471-3506.

Payment Deadlines

  • Spring: Jan 15th
  • Summer: May 15th
  • Fall: September 15th

Refund Policy

The Engineering Master's Program uses The University's refund policy. However, class days in the program are determined by the number of contact hours that have been held as follows:

  • 100% - Before the first class day
  • 75% - After the first class day (the Friday of the first weekend)
  • 50% - After the second class day (the Saturday of the first weekend)
  • 25% - After the third class day (the Friday of the second weekend)
  • 0% - After the fourth class day (the Saturday of the second weekend)

When a student is only registered for a course that does not have class days (Master's Report, Thesis A, or Thesis B), the following refund policy applies:

  • 100% - Before the first class day
  • 75% - From the first through fourth class day (first and second day of a summer term)
  • 50% - From the fifth through twelfth class day (third and fourth class day of a summer term)
  • 25% - From the thirteenth through sixteenth class day (fifth and sixth class day of a summer term)
  • 0% - After the sixteenth class day (sixth class day of a summer term)

These class days are determined by The University's traditional semester calendar. Please note that this policy only applies when a student is registered for no other course than Master's Report, Thesis A, or Thesis B.