Engineering Management

Course Descriptions

ENM 380.1 Managing People and Organizations - 3 credit hrs
The development of the general areas of theory most central to dealing with the varieties of social/psychological behavior of direct import to the administrator and manager are covered.

ENM 380.2 Art and Science of Negotiations - 3 credit hrs
This course will assist the student to better understand the behavior of individuals, groups, and organizations in the context of competitive situations. Students develop negotiation skills experientially and understand negotiation in useful analytical frameworks.

ENM 380.4 Marketing in an Engineering Environment - 3 credit hrs
The major marketing concepts and variables, their interrelationships, and their implications for policy making, problem-solving, and strategy formulation for the course curriculum.

ENM 381.1 Legal Issues for Engineering Managers - 3 credit hrs
This course will provide an overview of warranty law, deceptive trade practices law, product liability, and class action concepts. Class discussions will focus on legal considerations for engineering managers, risk assessment, and the expense and adverse impact of litigation.

ENM 383.1 Management of Projects and Processes - 3 credit hrs
Explores methods for organizing, coordinating, and controlling resources to minimize risk and conflict, and to maintain budgets and schedules. Topics include evaluation of competing alternatives, organization of a project, scheduling of tasks and resources, and the role of management over time.

ENM 383.2 Strategic Decision and Risk Analysis - 3 credit hrs
The fundamentals of decision analysis and risk assessment; mathematical and psychological aspects of decision-making, especially under uncertain conditions; and engineering/project management applications from the course curriculum.

ENM 383.3 Creativity, Innovation, and Product Development - 3 credit hrs
Designed to bring awareness to designers, this course focuses on the real issues associated with the design of complex components by analyzing the design process and the consequent implications for lifetime use.

ENM 384 Engineering Economics - 3 credit hrs
Students are introduced to the fundamental topics of engineering economics, notions of risk and decision-making under conditions of risk and uncertainty, with applications to engineering design, business operations and planning.

ENM 397P Projects in Engineering Management - 3 credit hrs, taken each summer
Independent project carried out under the supervision of an engineering management faculty member. Offered on the letter-grade basis only. Prerequisite: Graduate standing and admission to the engineering management degree program.