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MSE in Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Available online to meet your needs.

The electrical and computer engineering graduate program at the Cockrell School of Engineering ranks within the top ten programs in the nation and is among the largest programs at UT Austin. This online executive master’s degree allows students to earn a master’s degree remotely with only one onsite travel visit.

Students will gain a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of electrical and computer engineering, and are given the opportunity for in-depth specialization in some particular aspect of these fields. Academic Tracks for this master’s degree program are being developed to allow students to study areas of research and take tailored course work that best fits their interests and goals. Many tracks have overlap, and most faculty belong to more than one Academic Track.

This 30-credit hour program must be completed within five years, and the increased flexibility allows you to work at a pace that is designed to fit your busy schedule. Thesis, Report, and coursework-only options are available. The degree you will earn is identical to that awarded by the full-time program and comes fully backed by the globally recognized UT Austin brand.


Texas Engineering Executive Education offers 9 different Academic Tracks for the Electrical and Computer Engineering master’s degree. Academic Tracks are areas of research interest that students choose to help guide them in selecting a course of study and a research area. Many tracks have overlap, and most faculty belong to more than one Academic Track. Research the Academic Tracks to learn which track best fits your interests and goals. Our current selection of tracks are below.

Academic Tracks:

  • Architecture, Computer Systems, and Embedded Systems (ACSES) - Computer architecture is at the interface of computer hardware and software. Its practitioners are responsible for specifying, designing, and implementing at the architecture level the hardware structures that carry out the work specified by computer software.
  • Decision, Information, and Communications Engineering (DICE) - This track involves research and design in: Communications and networking, Data science and machine learning, and Controls, signals, and systems.
  • Integrated Circuits & Systems (ICS) - This track involves all aspects of analysis, design, synthesis, and implementation of digital, analog, mixed-signal, and radio frequency (RF) integrated circuits and systems for applications in computing, sensing, and communications.
  • Software Engineering and Systems (SES) - This track addresses engineering software systems including problem of requirements, architecting, designing, building, testing, analyzing, evaluating, deploying, maintaining, and evolving software systems. This area of study is also available through the alternatively scheduled weekend program in software engineering to professionals who are working full time. To learn more about the master's degree program for working professionals, please visit Texas Engineering Executive Education.
  • Biomedical Engineering - This track is focused in the following areas: biomedical instrumentation, very-large-scale integration biomedical circuits, biolelectromagnets, image and signal processing, machine learning, and health information technologies.
  • Electromagnetics & Acoustics - This track includes the study of electromagnetic and acoustic phenomena ranging from ultralow frequencies to the visible spectrum.
  • Energy Systems - This track involves research in the production, distribution, conversion, and use of electric energy.
  • Plasma/Quantum Electronics and Optics - This track involves the study of plasma dynamics, optics, quantum-optic and photonic devices, and plasma processing of semiconductor
  • Solid-State Electronics - This track focuses on the development and improvement of micro- and nanoelectronic, optoelectronic, and electromechanical devices, and associated materials for a variety of applications

To learn more about each track, please visit the ECE graduate program website.

Why Online Electrical and Computer Engineering at UT - Austin

Here at The University of Texas at Austin we take pride in our world-renowned professors who work to teach students in a collaborative environment giving them the skills they need to tackle real world problems in ways that no other institution can match. The Cockrell School of Engineering is ranked among the nation’s top 10 engineering programs and is the number one ranked engineering program in the state of Texas. Located in the heart of Austin, UT is surrounded by an environment that encourages creativity and innovation. Students here have opportunities to attend conferences that make an impact on a global scale, join student organizations and get involved in other events that UT and the City of Austin have to offer. A Master’s Degree from UT will enhance your skills in the marketplace, prepare you for new careers and challenges and spark your desire to discover.


Director - Ahmed Tewfik, Ph.D.

Director - Ahmed Tewfik, Ph.D.
Department Chair, Cockrell Family Regents Chair in Engineering #1 Professor


  • This program is entirely online, geared to meet your needs
  • Receive the same quality instruction & content as in-class students, remotely
  • Flexible core coursework to meet your specific needs, as an individual
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering is a rapidly growing industry as technology becomes more involved in our daily lives
  • Our instructors deliver a breadth of industry experience & theoretical concepts in order to promote agile thinking


Applicants should have an accredited, four-year degree in electrical or computer engineering or related technical field such as physics or math. Relevant work experience will be considered alongside other application materials. This degree is relevant to engineers looking for advanced training in electrical and computer engineering technologies and applications, who are looking for new career or leadership opportunities.