Electrical and Computer Engineering

Course Descriptions – Spring 2018

Please note, a track advisor must approve all course work each semester. Our flexibility in providing degree content that caters to the individual necessitates this, not all courses listed on the in-person Electrical and Computer website will be available each fall, or applicable to your degree plan. Below are the classes running for Spring 2018.

Integrated Circuits & Systems Track (ICS)

EE 382M.1 VLSI Testing - 3 credit hrs
Dr. Nur Touba

EE 382M.8 VLSI II - 3 credit hrs
Dr. Kulkarni

EE 382M.23 Low Power & Robustness Design - 3 credit hrs
Dr. Orshansky

382V Analog Filters/Oversampling Converters - 3 credit hrs
Dr. Zanbaghi

Decision, Information, and Communications Engineering (DICE) Track

EE 381V Coding Theory – 3 credit hrs
Dr. Zuckerman

381V Game Theory - 3 credit hrs
Dr. Nikolova

Software Engineering and Systems (SES) Track

EE 381V Special Topics in Machine Learning – 3 credit hrs
Dr. Ghosh