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Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Speak to your TRACK ADVISOR for course selection guidance. Their approval is required on the Registration Form prior to registration for any classes. Return Completed form to your Graduate Coordination, Lauren Salinas, at lauren.salinas@austin.utexas.edu


Architecture, Computer Systems, and Embedded Systems

Program/Track Advisor: Jonathan Valvano

Decision, Information, and Communications Engineering

Program/Track Advisor: Haris Vikalo

Integrated Circuits & Systems

Program/Track Advisor: Ranjit Gharpurey

Software Engineering and Systems

Program/Track Advisor: Christine Julien

Biomedical Engineering

Program/Track Advisor: Jonathan Valvano

Electromagnetics & Acoustics

Program/Track Advisor: Ali Yilmaz

Energy Systems

Program/Track Advisor: Surya Santoso

Plasma/Quantum Electronics and Optics Solid-State Electronics

Program/Track Advisor: Deji Akinwande