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Water Technology & Policy


This conference will provide participants an overview of water and its role in society. The program includes an introduction to quantitative concepts in water, including an introduction to the hydrological cycle (including sources and types of water, flows/fluxes, and basics of hydrogeology); differences among treatment methods and technologies; water infrastructure; and societal aspects such as culture, economics, war, and international affairs. The course will cover brief snippets of water history, use real-world examples and look toward the future; emphasis will also be given to the role of water in Texas.


Course Agenda (pdf)

Who Should Attend

This course is designed to be multidisciplinary and is targeted for a mix of professional engineers, policymakers, academics, planners, water managers, and industrial representatives. It will teach engineers about the societal aspects of water (law, policy, economy, etc.) and it will teach non-engineers the technical/scientific aspects.

Synchronous Video Conferencing

The synchronous video conference option utilizes Jabber. You may download software at and register for your free account. An email will be sent out to you after registration providing you dial in instructions for remote course participation.

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