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Policy & Payment


Texas Engr accepts most forms of payment, and access to each course is not granted until payment, or a verified purchase order number, has been received in full. Additional questions can be directed to Texas Engr Accounting or call 512.471.3506.

All forms of payment, except for credit cards, MUST reference Texas Engr and the course number, written as five digits preceded by EN (ex. EN14001) to avoid processing delays.


Cash can be accepted, in person, but preference for another more secure form of payment is encouraged.

Checks & Money Orders

Money orders and checks, including bank checks, made payable to The University of Texas at Austin can be mailed or hand-delivered to the Texas Engr office at:

Center for Lifelong Engineering Education
Attn: Accounting
2613 Speedway, Stop A2800
Austin, TX 78712

Company Discounts

Some companies, associations, and organizations have agreements with the University of Texas for discounted rates on courses, if you are a member of one such group, please email Texas Engr Accounting. You will be required to provide supporting documentation and a contact name within your company, association, or organization that we may address question to.

Credit Cards

Currently American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa cards are accepted and can be processed immediately through the Shopping Cart during registration.

This is the fastest method for completing registration.

Electronic Funds Transfer

A student who is set up to send funds electronically to the University may submit their payment to Texas Engr using EFT. The student is required to submit confirmation of the EFT, including date and amount to the Texas Engr accounting email above. There can be up to a week delay between when an EFT is submitted and is received by Texas Engr.

Inter-departmental Transfer

UT students can provide their IDT information during registration and are usually processed within two business days.

Purchase Order

Purchase orders can be accepted, but in addition to the purchase order number the student will be required to provide an accounting contact for verification purposes.

Wire Transfer

Students submitting wire transfer payments are required to submit electronic confirmation of the wire transfer to the Texas Engr accounting email. There can be up to a week delay between when a wire transfer is submitted and is received by Texas Engr, and all wire transfers are due 30 days prior to the course start date. Further, all wire transfers will incur a $35 wire transfer fee.

Domestic Wiring Instructions:
BANK NAME: Frost National Bank
BANK ADDRESS: 100 West Houston Street, San Antonio, TX 78205
ABA ROUTING #: 114000093
ACCOUNT #: 59-1055275
ACCOUNT NAME: Univ of Texas at Austin – Master Concentration
REF: Texas Engr, EN#####

Additional Details for Foreign Wires:

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With the exception online courses, drops and transfers are handled through an email request to the program coordinator found on the course information page.


When applicable, refunds will be made in the same method as the received payment:

  • Credit cards refunds will only be issued to the same credit card charged for the original registration, and can take up to five business days to process.
  • Other forms of payment can take up to thirty days to process, and in most cases will require additional paperwork from the student.

All refunds will be subject to a minimum $50 or 10% processing fee, whichever is greater.


A student may request a transfer to any course prior to the course start date of the original course, however:

  • If the student transfers to a course(s) of lesser value the registration fee difference will not be refunded.
  • If the student transfers to a course(s) of greater value, payment for the registration fee difference must be included with the transfer request before the transfer will be completed.


In the event that a course must be cancelled, notification will be sent by email to each student. The student will be offered an opportunity to move into a future iteration of the same course or transfer to a different course at that time. In the event that a suitable transfer option cannot be found, any payments received by Texas Engr will be refunded in full in the same method as payment was submitted.

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Successful delivery of online course content is dependent upon the successful communication between the student and student’s computer system and Texas Engr.


Once payment has been received, login and password information for accessing the course will be sent to the student’s email provided during registration, typically within two business days. Access to additional course instructions and confirmation of the student’s registration will also be provided in email.


For best playback a hardline Ethernet connection is recommended with a connection speed of 3.0 Megabits per second.


The system used to deliver online course content, CANVAS, supports the following browsers:

  • Chrome 30 and 31
  • Firefox 24 and 25
  • Internet Explorer 9 and 10
  • Respondus Lockdown 4.0
  • Safari 6 and 7

Additional information and updates can be found at Canvas Browsers.

CANVAS, also has the following minimum (or better) basic computer specification requirements:

Screen Size: 1024 x 600
Operating Systems: Windows XP SP3, Mac OSX 10.6, Linux ChromeOS
Mobile OS: iOs 5, Linux ChromeOS, Android 2.3
Computer Memory: 1 GB RAM
Computer Processor: 2 GHz
Internet Speed: 512 kpbs
Screen Readers: Jaws for IE9 & 10 and Firefox, VoiceOver for Safari
Flash Plug-In Version 10

Additional information and updates can be found at Canvas Requirements.


If you need an ADA accommodation to participate in this course, please contact Victoria Klimt at email: or phone: 512-232-5154 prior to purchasing this course.


All intellectual property is owned by The University of Texas at Austin and The Center for Lifelong Engineering Education. Reproduction, translation, alteration, redistribution, or resale of any product or materials is strictly prohibited.


Generally, online courses are not eligible for drop, refund, or transfer. Texas Engr may, however, approve a drop, refund, or transfer request if the student meets all of the following requirements:

  1. The student has notified Texas Engr in writing - verbal requests will not be accepted – of the intent to drop or transfer via email to:, please specify DROP or REFUND or TRANSFER in the subject line;
  2. The student must not have exceeded the maximum time, as recorded by accessing the course site, allowed to qualify for a drop, refund, or transfer:

    Total Course Time Maximum Time Allowed to Qualify for a Drop, Refund, or Transfer
    30 minutes - 2 hours 10 minutes
    2 hours, 1 minute - 8 hours 30 minutes
    8 hours, 1 minute - 16 hours 1 hour
    greater than 16 hours 2 hours
  3. The student must not have completed 25% or more of the course deliverables.


If the student has completed more than the maximum allowed time to qualify for a drop, refund, or transfer, registration fees are non-refundable. All other standard drop and refund policies apply.


Transfer requests will only be considered if the student has not exceeded the maximum allowed time to qualify for a drop, refund, or transfer. All other standard transfer policies apply.


  • Courses may not be transferred to another student
  • Students have only the specified length of time to access and complete each course


Appeals to the drop, refund, and transfer policy are only approved by exception for extenuating circumstances, including but not limited to: natural disaster, military deployment, and death. You may submit an appeal for consideration in writing to:, subject: APPEALS.

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As the continuing education arm of the Cockrell School of Engineering, Texas Engr offers courses that qualify for continuing educations units, as well as certificates of completion for some continuing education courses and certificate programs.


A continuing education unit, or CEU, is a nationally recognized unit for measuring participation in noncredit continuing education programs. As a continuing education provider, Texas Engr may grant CEUs to students completing a recognized continuing education course, and the maximum CEU value, if applicable, for each course can be found on the Course Info tab from Step 1 of the Registration Instructions. CEUs, where applicable, are granted based on contact hours, and one-tenth (0.1) CEU is awarded for every hour of course work. For onsite course, contact hours are verified through sign-in sheets and the completion of course deliverables. For online courses, contact hours are verified through the logs of the course content delivery system and completion of course deliverables. CEUs are not granted for courses which earn credit toward a University degree.

At this time it is the student’s responsibility to submit the application to count a course’s CEUs for credit with a particular organization, group, or employer. At the student’s request, Texas Engr will provide documentation to support the student’s application, including but not limited to:

  • course agenda or syllabus
  • instructors vita
  • CEU letter
  • certificate of completion


For on-site course, certificates of course completion, where applicable will be handed-delivered to students at the completion of class. For certificate programs requiring completion of several courses, upon verification of completion, certificates will be presented in a ceremony on the final class day.

For online courses, certificates of completion for a course will be issued from CANVAS. Certificate programs requiring completion of several courses, upon verification of completion, will be mailed from Texas Engr.

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