Texas Engineering Executive Education

Trevor Carter

Dr. Carter has been involved with grouting since the 1970's, initially in the UK with Binnies' on curtain grouting for large dams, including several Turn-of-the-Century masonry dams and early use of TAM approaches. During the early 1980's, with Golder Associates, he supervised investigations and grouting for 15 dams in the Elliot Lake area of Canada, where many of the electronic monitoring techniques, now commonplace, were pioneered. In the late 1990's he was responsible for investigation and geological oversight for curtain grouting the now nearly 300m high Antamina Dam in Peru, where initial use of the modified GIN approach, now termed Aperture Controlled Grouting (ACG) was first formulated. Since then, he has been involved in a review capacity for several difficult grouting projects. He has published half a dozen significant papers on rock grouting and over 50 papers and a book on other engineering geological topics pertinent to civil and mining engineering.