Texas Engineering Executive Education

Ken Liechti
Professor Aerospace Eng. and Eng. Mechanics

Dr. Liechti's research focuses on contact, adhesion and friction at small scales and adhesive bonding and composite materials. At small scales, we make use of scanning probe microscopes to examine contact, adhesion and friction. Surface modification via molecular self-assembly is being considered for surface patterning and control. This work has applications to MEMS and microelectronic devices. At larger scales, adhesively bonded joints use polymer glue to join structural components, which are often metallic or fiber reinforced polymer composites. Such joints are used in airplanes and are being considered for primary structural joints in automobiles. Adhesion is also important in laminated materials such as composites or in the multi-layered structures that make up microelectronics devices.

He has served on the Cockrell School of Engineering faculty since 1982. He has two and a half years of industrial experience and has published more than 80 technical articles and reports.