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Donald Bruce

Dr. Donald Bruce is a leading independent expert in geotechnical construction, with a focus on drilling and grouting techniques, anchors, micropiles, deep mixing, cut offs and in- situ reinforcement. Dr. Bruce's career spans some 35 years having worked on all 5 continents. Prior to consulting and teaching in the field of ground engineering, Dr. Bruce worked for major international grouting contractors on all types of geotechnical construction projects including dam cut-offs, dam remediation, tunnel grouting, mine remediation and ground improvement projects. To date, he has been involved with the design or construction of cut-offs or grouted remediation works for over 100 dam projects. His role in these projects varies from member of panel of experts or peer reviewer to consultant to either the designers or the contractors. Dr. Bruce is the author of almost 300 technical papers and articles, and has authored and edited several books on ground engineering techniques, including Specialty Construction Techniques for Dam and Levee Remediation, and Dam Foundation Grouting.