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Corporate Recognition Event 2018

Texas Engineering Executive Education is proud to announce our keynote speaker at this year’s Corporate Recognition Event is the renowned Van N. Truskett, Director of Technology Innovation Development at The University of Texas at Austin in the Office of Technology Commercialization. Dr. Truskett has rich experience securing patents and turning patents and turning technology into successful products. Hear her insights into how you can infuse breakthrough R&D and technology into your business. The University of Texas wants to work with you to bring UT discoveries and development to the marketplace. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn how your business can partner with UT.

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Hot Science - Cool Talks

Hot Science - Cool Talks is presented by the Environmental Science Institute (ESI). This nationally recognized Outreach Series provides a means for leading researchers from the University of Texas and other prominent universities to communicate their research to the public in general and the K-12 educational community in particular.

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Past Events


TxEEE was proud to coordinate and manage another successful Food+City Challenge Prize on February 4th, 2017 that attracted over 800 people. The Prize experience kicked off on Feb. 2 with sold-out Jeffersonian Dinners and wrapped up on Feb. 4 with our top winners being announced and many tasty treats donated by local vendors. UT Professor of Natural Sciences and Human Ecology, Dr. Robyn Metcalfe, is the founder and director of Food+City, an international startup competition that encourages innovation in the urban food system. The Food+City mission is focused on educating people on the complex supply chain that keeps food on our tables. This education provides awareness of food issues, encourages and motivates innovative food systems research, and supports startups that leverage university research. This is a truly holistic approach to the problematic food supply chain.

During the Food+City Challenge Prize, finalist teams compete against each other through their three-minute pitches, exhibition tables, and pre-prepared marketing materials. Competitors gain applicable knowledge from team-specific mentors who coach them along the way. Insightful funders also provide guidance to competitors. In this supply chain story, it’s a happy ending where everyone has a rewarding experience.

Corporate Recognition Event

CLEE honored its many corporate partners at the 4th Annual Corporate Luncheon on March 2, 2016, featuring co-founder of 3-D printing Dr. Joseph J. Beaman. Among the many corporate attendees companies like Dell, TxDOT, Intel, National Instruments and ERCOT were happy to join the 3-D printing conversation and pose relevant questions about the future of 3-D printing.

Dr. Beaman highlighted the history of 3-D printing from its origin in the Selective Laser Sintering who's technical work has had a significant and growing impact on society. Solid Freeform Fabrication and Selective Laser Sintering equipment are now widespread.

The future of this technology will be applicable cross a broad spectrum from bio-medical to automotive parts.

Please view Dr. Beaman's presentation on Advanced Manufacturing for Texas.

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