Online Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning BootCamp

Advance your career with comprehensive IT Bootcamps offered through Texas Engineering Executive Education (TxEEE) at the Cockrell School of Engineering.

Our online 24-week AI & Machine Learning Bootcamp, provided in collaboration with Quickstart, prepares students for successful IT careers. We equip students to achieve their goals by teaching them in-demand skills and expert knowledge required to earn professional IT certifications. Our bootcamps are offered throughout the year.

Choose from three program formats: self-paced, flex, and immersive.

Upcoming Start Dates for 24-week camps:

April 10, 2023

*Dates subject to change, pending class size for each camp.


Course Overview

QuickStart's Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Bootcamp is an accelerated program focusing on creating the next generation of AI and machine learning professionals. With capstone projects and hands-on labs, you’ll be well prepared for many jobs, including machine learning researcher, quantitative researcher, research analyst, AI, and machine learning developer, and machine learning data science engineer.

You can expect to spend 15–25 hours a week studying the material. You will learn in-demand skills and proficiencies, like python programming and neural networks. You must have an associate degree or experience working in data analysis/data science fields. Basic knowledge of algebra, calculus, and programming is also required.

For more information, visit the main UT Austin AI/ML Boot Camp page or connect with an admissions advisor at (512)-309-0179.

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