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The Engineering Master’s Degree Programs’ special schedule enables professionals to maintain full-time jobs while attending classes one weekend a month (8AM – 5PM Fri and Sat).

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2017 Academic Year



  • Students are responsible for purchasing required textbooks.
  • Students will be invoiced for custom texts or additional required course materials, such as licenses or business cases, which must be ordered in bulk or from non-retail sources.

Fall 2016

EE 382C Systems Engineering Program Management and Evaluation, Dr. McCann

  • Project Management: Processes, Methodologies & Economics- 2nd Ed., ISBN 978-0130413314
  • Fast Forward MBA in Project Management, 5th ed., ISBN 978-1119086574
  • The Mythical Man-Month: Essays on Software Engineering, ISBN 0201835959

EE 382V Mobile Computing, Dr. Julien

  • No Required Texts

EE 381K.15 Communication Networks, Dr. Yerraballi

  • TBA

EE 382N.16 Multicore Computing, Dr. Garg

  • No Required Texts

Spring 2017

EE 380L – Data Mining, Dr. Caramanis

  • An Introduction to Statistical Learning with applications in R by Gareth James (Author), Daniela Witten (Author), Trevor Hastie (Author), and Robert Tibshirani (Author). The book can be downloaded at the following link:

EE 382V – Algorithmic Foundations for Software Systems, Dr. Khurshid

  • Introduction to Algorithms, 3rd Edition (MIT Press), ISBN 10: 0262033844

EE 382V | Data Engineering | Dr. Miranker

  • Database Systems: The Complete Book (2nd Edition) by Hector Garcia-Molina (Author), Jeffrey D. Ullman (Author), Jennifer Widom (Author), ISBN-13: 978-0131873254 or ISBN-10: 131873253

EE 382V | Computer Graphics | Dr. Fussell

  • Interactive Computer Graphics: A Top-Down Approach with Shader-Based Opengl, 6th Edition, Edward Angel (Author) and Dave Shreiner (Author), ISBN 13: 9780132545235

Q – How will I know what books to buy?
A – We’ll provide a list of upcoming attractions to continuing students approximately 6 weeks in advance of first class day. New students will be provided with the textbook list upon payment of their tuition deposit.

Q – Will TxEEE provide a list of preferred vendors?
A – UT policy does not allow us to provide a list of preferred vendors. You may visit for a list of possible vendors.

Q – How will I obtain a course handbook if my instructor requires one?
A – These will be provided for you on first class day and costs will be included on your invoice.

Q – Will this affect my financial aid dispersal?
A – No.


All ICS and SWE classes are held on the Pickle Research Campus at The Commons Learning Center.
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Program of Work

Fall Semester Enrollment

Fall 1 - 2 courses
Spring 1 - 2 courses
Summer 1 - 1 course

Fall 2 - 2 courses
Spring 2 - 2 courses
Summer 2 - Master's Report

Spring Semester Enrollment

Spring 1 - 2 courses
Summer 1 - 1 course
Fall 1 - 2 courses

Spring 2 - 2 courses
Summer 2 - No course, Work on Master's Report
Fall 2 - 2 courses, Master's Report

The Software Engineering Program of Work is customizable and allows students to select the courses they will take each semester.